This package offers a similar complete system to "Xhumana 1" with additionally:

  • 3x IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu
  • 25x (Mobile) Extensions
  • 25x Call groups
  • 2x Conference group
  • 3x Call/Waiting queue
  • Unlimited Call transfers
  • Unlimited Call hold
  • Unlimited Call forwarding
  • Call pick-up and more
  • Best of all no need for investments in equipment
  • Secure access via TLS
  • Own voip."domain" 
  • Mutlple outbound routes

Surveys and research show that the best option for SMBs is to choose a “Cloud-based” PBX solutions. An “On-premise” VoIP system eats up your Capex, demands specialized staff for operation and maintenance (including network & security), expensive maintenance costs, license fees and unpredictable costs for parts and software upgrades. A “Cloud-based” option on the other hand doesn’t need a big Capex, is very flexible for growth, functions easily over multiple sites and gives you a fixed monthly cost, no surprises. You can “pay as you go” and grow based on your needs. For larger corporations with an existing technical staff an “On-premise” PBX that interact with other business systems can be the best solution.

Secure extensions are available in our “Cloud-based” setup for maximum flexibility to your business to achieve more mobility and the highest possible productivity. Extensions can be setup on any device that can use softphones or software to make calls via the Internet. This enables your business to apply the principle of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc) to connect to the PBX system. By using a TLS (encrypted) connection from the mobile device, your connection and calls to the PBX system will be secure and protected against eavesdropping.

Serenium Cloud
offers you Direct In-Dialing Numbers (DID) from 120+ different countries for your organization or company to have a local presence and have your customers call you at the local rate in any of these countries, thereby making your business more accessible. This strategy increases your customer experience and their retainment significantly.

Imagine you being in Europe, Asia or North America while receiving a call forwarded to your extension on your mobile phone (while being connected to the Internet) as if you are locally present. By using the Internet as the medium your calls can be handled wherever you want them to be, thereby giving you the flexibility of a company of the 21st century.


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