Secure Site-2-Site VPN

In today's world internet is used as carrier between A, B and C
Through use of our secure site to site VPN, Internet becomes your private back bone
Using military grade encryption through our firewalls we crate secure connections between your several different site
Multiple different setups possible.
Multiple grades of encryption possible and optional
Purpose based VPN connection possible ( Database, File Sharing, Projects, ICT Management, etc)

Several different feature variants you'll love:

SSL VPN (for remote clients)SSH VPN (Remote secure server management)
SSTP (secure replication and synchronization)
IPSEC (all-purpose use, especially site-2-site VPN)
L2TP (all-purpose use, especially site-2-site VPN additional encryption layer)

Benefits of Site-2-Site VPN:

Up to 15 Users/devices Connection included
Up to 3 company locations included
Unlimited database synchronization between connected locations
Internal chats/messaging is secured via tunneling
Remote Application Access via tunneling for Enterprise Level Resource utilization

Start benefiting from the real power of the internet.

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